Bella & Osito Caylor

Office Mascots

Bella was born in Nunn, CO on May 15, 2021, and officially became part of the Prudent Wealth Team on July 15th, 2021. She is an English Golden Retriever. Bella works from home alongside Paul. She has grown from 10 lbs. in May 2021 to 75 lbs. as an adult today.  She is always happy and energetic. She loves to greet people and play with her favorite toys. She loves taking naps.  She is either 100% on or 100% off, no in-between. She enjoys playing with her older brother Osito. 

Osito (Meaning Teddy Bear) was born September 5, 2013 (We think). He joined Prudent Wealth in 2014.  He is a Chihuahua mix. He tips the scales at 9 lbs.  He is definitely the Alpha dog in charge.  You can usually find him in Paul's office, laying on his blanket.  He is likes to snuggle and play with his younger sister Bella. Every time he goes somewhere, everyone wants to hold him.