Bella & Osito Caylor

Office Mascots

Bella, an English Golden Retriever, was born in Nunn, CO, on May 15, 2021, and she officially joined the Prudent Wealth Team on July 15, 2021. Collaborating from home alongside Paul, Bella's weight has increased from a mere 10 lbs. in May 2021 to a healthy 75 lbs. today. Her temperament is characterized by a ceaseless energy and joy. With a penchant for greeting people and playing with her favorite toys, Bella is known for her love of naps and her all-or-nothing approach to life. Her relationship with her older canine sibling, Osito, is marked by playful interactions.

Osito, whose name translates to 'Teddy Bear,' was born on September 5, 2013, though his exact birthdate remains uncertain. He became a member of Prudent Wealth in 2014. A Chihuahua mix, Osito's diminutive stature is belied by his 9 lbs. weight and his assertive presence as the Alpha dog of the household. Osito can often be found in Paul's office, comfortably situated on his blanket. His affections extend to snuggling and engaging with his younger sister, Bella. Wherever he goes, his charming demeanor ensures that he is the center of attention, with people invariably desiring to hold him.