Who is Prudent Wealth

At Prudent Wealth, we view each client as a distinct individual with unique financial objectives, especially those in the engineering sector. While headquartered in Huntsville, AL, our firm operates on a 100% virtual model, enabling us to extend our specialized services to engineers across the United States.

With over three decades of experience in financial services, we deploy evidence-based, tailored financial strategies to align with the analytical inclinations inherent to the engineering profession. Regardless of your career phase—whether entering the workforce or contemplating retirement—our suite of services is meticulously customized to meet your situational requirements, including nuanced considerations for tax planning and asset management.

Our commitment to you is multifaceted, transcending mere numerical optimization to encompass a collaborative client relationship predicated on transparency and fiduciary responsibility. Our goal is to develop an integrated financial strategy that not only enhances your fiscal well-being but also harmonizes with your long-term values and aspirations. By engaging our services, you stand to transform any financial uncertainties into a secure and confident financial future.

Our Services

We offer tailored financial planning and investment management to optimize long-term financial security for individuals and families.




Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?

Unlike many financial advisors, you do not have to have a certain amount of investable assets to work with me. We want to be able to help you at any stage of your life and know that you may not have any current savings or investments outside of your employer sponsored plan.


Who is NOT a good fit for Prudent Wealth?

Anyone who thinks we can beat the market or predict the future. Anyone who doesn’t want to be proactive in planning. Anyone who believes they can do it on their own without any help. Anyone who doesn’t see the value in what we offer.


Is there a fee for an initial meeting with you?

No. Our introductory phone meeting and initial planning meeting are complimentary. We want you to see exactly how we can offer value and improve your financial plan before you agree to pay us a penny