We Bring Clarity to Your Finances


Sometimes our finances can feel like a weight we carry around. It becomes even more overwhelming when you start to think about life changes.

We’ve been there and are very familiar with the stress that can arise during life changes. Together we can walk through your options. We know the questions to ask, the steps to take, and the potential challenges you’ll face – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.




Ways we can meet with you.


We can meet with you, in person, in our office in Fort Collins, CO. This way is great if you want to see us face to face. We can write on the white board for any needed explanations.

Dual Location meeting

We can meet over the phone. We each have paper copies of all documents, that are numbered for easy reference. This way is great if you want to meet with us in your pajamas. After the meeting we can email you any follow up documents.

Tech Savvy

We can meet with you via Zoom. We share all documents via the screen. This way is great if you love technology and want to avoid any travel time. After the meeting we can email you any follow up documents.




The Process.

Schedule Your Introductory Meeting


Discovery Meeting 

This is initial consultation is to learn more about your financial situation, values, and goals to develop a mutual understanding of the financial planning process, including time commitment and fees. We ask a variety of questions about you, your background, your experience, and your expectations of us. We will also ask you to bring all your financial documents with you.


Information Gathering 

We will take a deeper dive into your unique circumstances and determine what further information we will need. We ask follow-up questions to ensure that we have all the necessary information to create an in-depth, accurate financial plan.


Explore Possibilities

Together, we will review your financial information, confirm our understanding, and consider potential options and recommendations to help you address your needs and goals.

We encourage you to ask questions and be an active participant in creating a successful plan.


Plan Presentation

We will present our recommendations to enhance your financial health and set you on the path toward your near term and long-term goals in alignment with your values.



We identify next steps, and how to execute an agreed-upon action plan.



Once your plan is in place, we schedule periodic reviews, depending on the complexity of your plan and your needs. We review progress on your plan and make any necessary adjustments as we go. Be sure to keep us informed of life changes that may affect your plan. Have you had a career change? A new child? Whatever is happening in your life, we want to know. We serve most effectively when we have current information.