Unexpectedly Unemployed?

Paul Caylor |

Have you ever received a job offer but before you start the employer rescind the job offer? Rescinded job offers aren’t that common, but they can happen. With this you should always be prepared and expect the unexpected. 

There is a lot to know about rescinded jobs and not many people know about it because it is not too common, but it can happen to anyone. Most people think once you have signed a contract for a job they are in, but that is not the case sometimes. Contracts can be terminated at any time and there are multiple reasons for that. Jobs can be rescinded due to a failed background check after the interview, or a failed drug test. After your interview you made an agreement and accepted to conditions of the company and if they aren’t met you are in violation, and they can rescind your job offer. Other reasons for this is the employer realizes you might not be the perfect fit for the job or in-between your interview and your start day you somehow broke the law. On the other hand, sometimes if your job offer becomes rescinded it is not your fault, instead it’s something within the company. These reasons can be caused because the businesses is downsizing, there is a future recession, or the company is making budget cuts and can’t afford another employee which leads to a hiring freeze. You should know everything about the company and understand what they expect from you before the start of the job.

There are some ways you can potentially avoid rescind. First thing is first, you should always have a backup plan even if you receive a job offer, instead of putting everything into this one job offer. When you are offered an interview, prepare very thoroughly, and think of all the questions you might want to ask, you don’t want to get caught by surprise. You should ask your future employer to give you all contingencies you need to pass to receive the job offer in the end, so you know what to expect. Within your interview be completely honest and straight forward with the employer so they do not have anything to question about you as a person and your background. If you do this, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about while waiting to start your job. Once you receive the job offer ask for the contract in writing instead of just an interview so you can refer to it later if needed. After this you should be sure to stay in touch during the whole process from the interview to the day you start working. Overall, always be looking for other jobs so you are prepared for the unexpected, and make sure you ask many questions to the employer, so you know what they are expecting for before you start the job.

Even though this is not common amongst jobs, everyone should expect the unexpected and be prepared ahead of time. You don’t want to get stuck without a job and be searching for months to find another one that fits you.